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Basketball Encyclopedia Jersey

Feb. 04, 2021

What is the most indispensable but often overlooked in basketball game? The answer is the Basketball Uniforms. From the beginning of basketball to the present, basketball jerseys have undergone earth-shaking changes. From the early shorts and belts to the use of high-tech materials now, what kind of development history has it gone through? Let us briefly review it.

Time goes back to 1891, but when Grandpa Naismith invented basketball, he only regarded it as a fun, easy-to-learn and can dispel the students’ boring winter indoor physical education game, and did not expect to cause a big response in the crowd. Never thought that basketball would enter the Olympics. Of course, I haven't considered basketball jerseys. Therefore, the earliest basketball jerseys followed the players' personal wishes, and they were what they wore.

But basketball still has to be played. Although everyone wears different clothes, they look good and comfortable, but in the game, it is often found that the ball is passed to the opponent. In order to put an end to this phenomenon, the university student union and trade union strive to coordinate the uniformity of clothing and make standardized and recognizable basketball uniforms to avoid this phenomenon.

Basketball Uniforms

Basketball Uniforms

Basketball is becoming more and more popular, and many people participate in this sport. In 1920, the professional basketball league was born. Professionalism must be regulated. The rules, venues, and jerseys are no longer ever-changing, but tend to be unified. So the first standardized basketball jersey was produced. The upper body of this basketball jersey is a wool knitted sweatshirt, the lower body is cotton-lined shorts, and the team name is printed on the jersey. The format of the shorts is still imitating the design of football and Rugby Pants, with belts, and the shorts are led by basketball Friendly produced by the brand Spalding.

In 1984, with President David Stern and Jordan joining the NBA successively, the NBA was transformed from a sports league that relied solely on box office revenues into a highly integrated sports market and entertainment organization with an international market and diversified products. ". With the commercialization process, the league's jersey suppliers have begun to launch personalized custom services. Basketball god Jordan began to wear long shorts and loose ball jerseys, and other players followed suit.

In 2006, after Adidas took over the NBA jersey, the use of multi-version game jerseys reached its peak. The various types of tights used in the Jersey are also popular with players. In 2013, the Golden State Warriors announced the NBA's first modern short-sleeved uniform that it will wear in future home games. Yong and they will wear the new short-sleeved uniform for the first time in the game against the Spurs. In addition, the Warriors will also wear this short-sleeved uniform in the game against the Rockets and Bulls. As a provider of NBA uniforms, Adidas claims that this uniform is ultra-light, stretchable, and provides maximum ventilation to ensure player comfort. The jersey contains 360-degree stretch fabric, which is conducive to the movement of arms and shoulders. Adidas expects to launch similar short-sleeved uniforms for other teams next season.

What will the future Basketball Jerseys evolve into? We will wait and see...

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