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How To Choose The Basketball Uniform?

Jan. 26, 2021

In the professional basketball arena, a number may represent an era. A Cheap Basketball Jerseys is the glory of a city. The greatness of the stars makes us want to imitate them. Owning a jersey is no exception.

How to choose a basketball uniform? The key is to look at the fabric! Basketball is a sport that involves more upper body contact, and lower body contact is limited to the hips. In terms of sport characteristics, it is a sport with strong antagonism, strong extension and large movement range. According to this characteristic, the required characteristics of Basketball Uniform fabric can be drawn.

Basketball Uniform

Basketball Uniform

1.The elasticity must be good, the tear resistance must be good, and the wrinkle resistance must be strong

In such a fierce competition, the energy that the athletes explode is unimaginable. It is very likely that after a dunk, they will tear their clothes and roar. If the quality is not good, it will be embarrassing. And it’s not easy for some shooters to find a shot opening. Sometimes they have to go through several picks and rolls to get the shot opening. So the flexibility must be good.

2. Strong moisture absorption capacity

Although there is air-conditioning in the gymnasium, every shot will consume physical strength and sweat. The sweat left along the body does not feel good. Although you can wear a close-fitting sweat-absorbent vest, the same basketball jersey fabric should also have the effect of absorbing sweat and venting to provide players with a comfortable state of exercise.

3. Strong color fastness

To improve the color fastness of fabrics, the cost of dyeing must be paid for. This is why cheap basketball uniforms on the market are similar to biochemical suits. Wear one color and take off another color.

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