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Why is Baseball The Most Familiar Unfamiliar Sport?

Feb. 25, 2021

"Some people wear Baseball Uniforms and some people wear baseball caps, but there is almost no one who can play baseball." This sentence perfectly answers the question of today's title: "Why is baseball the most familiar and strange sport?"

Baseball Uniforms

Baseball Uniforms

Why is baseball unfamiliar?

In China, a sport is not popular. In addition to not playing daily, it may also be due to the lack of a sports icon like Ding Junhui who has a fire on the snooker ball...

Then why do you say baseball is the most familiar?

Just like no one stipulates that you must be able to skateboard if you wear skateboarding shoes, and you must be able to play basketball if you wear basketball shoes, and no one stipulates that people who can't play baseball can't wear baseball shirts or baseball caps?

Under the subtle influence of trend culture, most people who don't even know the rules of baseball may not realize that they have been deeply influenced by baseball.

For example, baseball caps, which were originally long-brimmed hats used by baseball players for sun protection, have now become a must-have three-piece suit for trendy old drivers. From New York’s Fifth Avenue to the Indian Farmers’ Market, from fashionistas ootd to street shots at Star Airport, you can see baseball caps.

Baseball Jacket, also known as Varsity Jacket. The jacket once used to commend outstanding baseball players replaced the original sweater.

Later, with the popularity of Hip-Hop out of the campus, it was labeled "street trend" and became a classic clothing style. Although it is not directly related to baseball, it has also led a generation of trends and become a trend benchmark.

Baseball Shirts, a trendy item with a high rate of appearance in recent years, were once the uniforms of baseball players. Most baseball shirts have different colors and logos to indicate their team, and can also identify the two teams' players and football cards.

Baseball is a representative of American culture. On the stadium, baseball players clap each other amidst the shouts of fans, feel the strength and inspiration of the team, and unconsciously and silently influence fashion and streetwear.

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