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Teach You To Choose The Right Baseball Uniform

Nov. 16, 2020

With the rise of the mix-and-match wave and sports style, baseball shirts have got rid of the exclusiveness of sports models and become fashion darlings as popular items. In addition to retaining the foundation of its silhouette and collar, many details of the Youth Baseball Jerseys have been improved, such as fabric stitching, contrasting colors, decorative patterns and printing, etc.and from ultra-thin to thickened four-season styles It is also readily available and is widely loved by young people. Fashionable, are you also considering buying a personalized baseball shirt? How can a baseball shirt with a sense of comfort and fashion create a personalized trend!

Which baseball shirt is right for you

1.petite body

Suitable for: short stitching design baseball shirt

Being tall is the kingly way of matching petite girls. The exquisite short length and splicing design can also attract attention to the upper body, thereby achieving the effect of increasing the proportion.

Taboo: fat mid-length baseball shirt or pure black baseball shirt

The fat mid-length model will make you more sloppy, and the pure black light absorption effect will make you appear shorter.

2.pear-shaped body

Suitable: Mid-length baseball shirt

The pear-shaped figure with thin top and bottom fat needs a strong hiding power style to modify the characteristics of wide hips. The loose mid-length Baseball Jersey can perfectly cover the shortcomings of the figure curve, while looking thin, it adds a handsome look. , Is the first choice for pear shape MM.

Taboo: Short baseball shirt

A short baseball shirt will make the upper body look neat and light, and highlight the difference in the proportions of the upper and lower body, which must be resolutely eliminated.

Camo Baseball Uniform

Camo Baseball Uniform

3.paper figure

Suitable for: printed baseball shirts, patterns or baseball shirts with eye-catching colors

Paper girls should choose a baseball shirt with high tension, eye-catching patterns, prints or colors can successfully capture the eye, add a sense of presence, and let you easily get rid of the thin body. For example, Camo Baseball Uniform are a good choice

Taboo: Single dark baseball shirt

The mysterious light absorption color has an obvious slimming effect, making you thinner~

4.small belly bucket waist

Baseball shirt is a must-have product for this body type MM! Because the profile of baseball shirts is mostly loose-fitting with a ribbed hem, this structure provides a hidden space for the belly and bucket waist, so girls who are worried about this Get started now!

5.short neck

Because the collar of the baseball shirt is special, the smaller neckline is very demanding on the shoulder-to-neck ratio, so if the neck is not long enough, please reluctantly bypass the baseball shirt.

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