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How to choose the right hockey equipment for children

Nov. 03, 2020

1.Helmet is the top priority

The high-tech helmets used by various brands of high-end helmets can almost prevent children from being injured by concussions during training or competitions, so there is no such helmet as concussion protection, but false advertisements. The quality of the helmet is not only important, but also whether the head is closed is also important. You want the helmet to protect your child's head after a fall. The helmet needs to fit tightly to the head. For those parents who bought big helmets to prepare for their children's head growth, there is no need at all.

2. The skates must fit

Buying a pair of larger ice skates for a growing child can last a long time and looks very attractive. But the fact is that too large ice skates will have an adverse effect on the sliding posture, and it is not safe yet. Whether the ice skates are suitable is very important. We have seen some kids go skating with two-size blades. Because of the improper skates, I missed a lot of opportunities to improve my sliding foundation. Even wearing Ice Hockey Socks does not fit. This makes it much harder for them and those with the right equipment to succeed on the ice.

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3. Beginners should choose elbow pads

For beginners, the investment in elbow pads is more important than other protective gears, because beginners often fall backwards, and at this time the elbows often touch the ice first. The elbow pads should be close to the Cheap Hockey Jerseys to better function. Similarly, the role of a pair of ice hockey gloves cannot be ignored. For beginners, their hands will often touch the ice surface due to a fall. You don't want your child's hands and arms to be injured by an impact at the beginning of learning.

4. The choice of hockey sticks

The first thing you should choose is the curvature of the club head. For the youngest beginners, facing the club is the best. If you have passed this stage and need to buy a club with a curvature, you need to determine whether you are accustomed to using the left hand or the right hand, which has a subtle difference in ice hockey. In addition to the arc, another important point is the length of the club. The length of the club must match the height of the player. A club that is too long is not conducive to the player's force when shooting. Similarly, a club that is too short is not conducive to the player's sliding posture and control of the ball. Generally speaking, after the club hits the bottom, the length to the player's chin is the ideal length.

5. The hardness of the club

How to choose hardness? The hardness of the club is generally less than half of the body weight. When buying clubs, let your children try clubs of different levels and specifications until they figure out which club is more suitable for them. For beginners, with their weight and muscle growth, the top club may not be the best choice, and it is difficult for them to achieve the desired effect in the initial training.

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