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Why are Volleyball Uniforms Tight While Basketball Uniforms are Loose?

Jul. 05, 2021

Volleyball and basketball are two ball sports that everyone loves. If you have ever watched a basketball and volleyball game, you will notice that the volleyball players' clothes are tighter tights, while the basketball players' Basketball Jerseys are looser. So why is that?

As we all know, volleyball has a relatively large range of motion. You have to jump when attacking, squat and jump forward when saving the ball, and stretch your arms in mid-air when smashing the ball. This requires volleyball players to stretch without restriction. My own limbs and tight-fitting jerseys fit this need. In addition, the athlete needs to jump and catch and serve. According to aerodynamics, if the clothing is too large, the resistance will increase. Women's volleyball players wear tight tops with tight shorts, which allows the athlete to make moves without hindrance.

Basketball Uniforms

Basketball Uniforms

One of the rules of volleyball is that touching the net is prohibited. If the clothes are too loose, it is easy to hit the net when blocking, and tight volleyball clothes can reduce this possibility. Secondly, there are also aesthetic and privacy considerations in the design of volleyball uniforms. Most volleyball players are tall and slender, diffusing a sense of healthy beauty, and tight-fitting clothes can maximize this beauty and bring visual enjoyment to people watching the game. During a match, athletes may get tired due to excessive movements. Tight-fitting jerseys can help athletes protect their privacy. The International Volleyball Association also issued this rule for jerseys: "At the Olympic Games and World Championships, all national women's volleyball teams are prohibited from wearing loose fitting jerseys. They must change into tight-fitting shorts or tight-fitting sportswear.

And Basketball Uniforms were not like this at the beginning. When basketball was just starting to become popular. There was no uniform. Some people wore tank tops and some wore long pants. In the last few decades, tight tops and knee-length shorts have become the norm. By 1984, Michael Jordan thought pants were too short and tops too tight, and his aesthetic influenced many people.

Volleyball Jerseys

Volleyball Jerseys

At that time, just when hip-hop culture was prevalent in the 90s, hip-hop culture also influenced the NBA. the clothes in hip-hop culture are very generous. This is because black people in the ghetto usually buy large size clothes and wear them for many years, so a culture gradually developed. tops and pants in the NBA became more loose.

Of course, the design of the basketball uniforms is also essential for the ease of movement. Tight basketball uniforms are sticky and athletes feel uncomfortable when they sweat. An NBA player once said, "A jersey that's too tight can make you sticky after a game. If you're playing in a cold city like Milwaukee, your whole body can easily freeze." I interviewed 21 random NBA players at the 2014 "Beach Stop." Many players complained that the sleeves made shooting more awkward, so later basketball jerseys improved on that. And basketball is based on physical confrontation, and the requirements for the jersey are not too high. The biggest requirement is ventilation and heat dissipation.

To sum up, the reason why volleyball players' Volleyball Jerseys are tight and basketball players' clothes are loose is for aesthetic and athletic reasons. Such a design can help the athletes to finish the game better.

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