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Do I Need To Wear Cycling Clothes For Outdoor Riding Mountain Bikes? Why Do I Need To Wear Cycling Clothes!

Oct. 19, 2020

When it comes to the safety of cycling, I will say in two parts, one is equipment, and the other is behind the road. A must-have Mountain Biking Suit for safe riding! Let me talk about the problem of equipment first, it will make many people walk into the misunderstanding without realizing it. Sometimes I am complacent about buying cheap equipment, but I don’t know that the danger is approaching you.

1.A helmet must be worn:

This is what you must do, because it is directly related to your life. Generally, you can buy a helmet with safety certification. At the same time, pay attention to whether the helmet is worn correctly and the size is appropriate. When wearing, the helmet cannot be placed on your head Free rotation. The difference between helmets is mainly in heat dissipation and appearance design, ranging from tens of yuan to 1,000 yuan, just choose a product of about 200-400 yuan, there are many riding helmets, choose slowly, and you must wear it yourself test.

2.Glasses must be worn:

No matter what your eyes are, we recommend that you wear UV-resistant glasses that meet the UV400 safety standard. We advise you not to buy cheap ones that claim to come with several kinds of lenses, and the price is tens of yuan. You must know that the regular products of serious manufacturers are If this is not done, the glasses are generally worn with more gray lenses, of course, there are other colors. It is best to choose glasses of well-known brands, at least it is a guarantee of quality, and the eyes are the window of the human soul.

Mountain Biking Suit

Mountain Biking Suit

3.must wear cycling clothes

Looking at the cycling photos of many friends, I found that many of my friends are wearing jeans jackets and playing in the car, which feels quite awkward. We don't require ourselves to be very professional, but you must know that a comfortable set of Mountain Bike Jerseys is not only helpful to the competitive state of the sport, but also can ensure physical health. People who make sports clothes know that cotton clothes have strong moisture absorption capacity but poor volatility. Sweat is often absorbed by the clothes and dries slowly. When the wind blows, it is easy to catch a cold and affect the state.

4.must wear gloves

Riding gloves are also needed. There is nothing special about the choice of gloves. The main attention is to the thickness of the protective pad of the gloves. And pay attention to ventilation and comfort.

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