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Do You Know The History of Basketball Uniforms

Sep. 15, 2020

Speaking of basketball, many people’s reactions are NBA stars, such as Jordan, Kobe, Yao Ming, etc...Some people also think of classic basketball shoes, such as Air Jordan 11 series, Nike Air Foamposite one series...Today the Basketball Uniform Manufacturer takes everyone To change the topic, this time we will talk about basketball uniforms. Any veteran football fan knows that the collection value of jerseys is much greater than sneakers.

Since the birth of basketball, the uniform has become an indispensable equipment. After 100 years of continuous improvement, it is what we are familiar with today. Now let us travel through time and space and take a look at it. What it used to be

Grandpa Naismith invented basketball, but he didn’t imagine that this sport would take the world by storm.So the earliest players dressed completely according to their own preferences, Isn’t it just a game, do I have to change clothes? So if you saw it on the court at that time, vest sandals,Don't be surprised, don't be surprised when you see the thick trousers. When you see the guy wearing the red underwear, don't talk, just go to him and ask for Superman's autograph. In any case, in those days, there were no rules about everything on the court.

Although this kind of freedom satisfies the player’s own aesthetics, accidents often happen on the court. The opponent’s golfer wears exactly the same as our team today, and shouted when our dribbling offense was blocked, “Pass here , we passed it to our golfers without saying a word, and then there was nothing, so in order to avoid this phenomenon, a uniform and recognizable uniform appeared.

Basketball Uniforms

Basketball Uniforms

Although everyone wore whatever they wanted before, they were mostly trousers and long cashmere shirts. The productivity of the era was not able to leap forward. However, after strenuous exercise, it became hotter and breathability became an urgent need. Sports pullover shorts replaced the previous clothing styles imitating football and Rugby design

The emergence of new raw material polyester nylon, light, thin and breathable, easy to clean and more suitable for making ball uniforms, similar to current track and field clothing, so it seems that track and field clothing has not changed for so many years, but Basketball Uniformsare still evolving

When thinking of the popularity of tight-fitting style, I think of track and field athletes on the playground. The less weight they carry, the faster their speed. As for why basketball wears tight-fitting clothing, it is completely influenced by the American fashion trends at that time. Like to use short and succinct design elements to subvert tradition, natural jerseys are no exception. The jerseys of this period also adopted new material styles and richer colors. The Cheap Basketball Jerseys at that time were basically close to the jerseys we see now, but they were all knee-less.

At the end of the knee-less era, the NBA has become an international sport in this period. The supplier of the league jersey has also launched a customized service. Old man Joe is not satisfied with the previous jersey, so he customized the long shorts and loose jersey. The popularity of Mr. Joe, other players compete to imitate him

In fact, the history of the development of the jersey is also the history of the development of basketball. A type of jersey represents an era. From the initial idleness to the end, the basketball jersey is slowly unified. In addition to being a direct manifestation of the spirit of the team, the basketball jersey is more Pinned on the team's values. Its existence has not only remained in the literal meaning of sports jackets, but has gradually become a symbol of sports culture and times. Through the changes of jerseys, we can feel the changes in basketball. Let us recall and look back together, love life and love basketball.

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