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Basketball Jersey Materials - What to Use and Why

Jun. 16, 2021

Old Style, Basketball Uniforms by the Way

When the sport began, people wore clothes that they could save on. Many of the early Basketball Uniforms were made from wool. They had terrible combinations of items and clothing that seemed to be limited by design. Playing basketball at this point in time would not have been comfortable. Imagine getting hot and sweaty inside of pants and long sleeve shirts, it happens! Believe it, but who would instigate such torture? At the time, only natural fibers were available for making clothes, so cotton and wool dominated. Although the textile industry was booming, man-made fabrics had not yet been synthesized. Players would have to endure less-than-ideal conditions for the first few years

Basketball Uniforms

Basketball Uniforms

Fortunately, by the 1920s, people got wise and started wearing shorts and sweatshirt-style tops. Exercise was better and sweat could finally come off the skin without complete insulation, which was an improvement. After World War II, synthetic materials became available for everyday commercial use and were soon used for sports uniforms. In addition, at this time, machines began to be incorporated into the garment making process in ways that had never been done before. Designs began to change rapidly. As shorts became shorter and tighter and more skin was exposed, this trend also applied to Basketball Jerseys. Stylistically, these new fabrics allowed for more lively designs. Soon after, basketball players and cheerleaders were wearing the same amount of clothing. This continued until later in the century when styles reversed. Uniforms got bigger, and they weren't sitting on skin all the time. These new changes were largely player-driven, not the result of technology or clothing development.

Modern Uniforms, What They Are Made Of And Why

Basketball uniforms have gone through a lot of changes over the years. From the early days, they have been significantly enhanced. Most notable are the materials that make up the garments themselves. In fact, many of the changes are not just about the fabric, but the overall style of the jerseys that players wear on the court. Over the years, they have undergone many transformations. If you compare photos of early basketball players to players of today's era, you might even wonder if they are wearing the same jerseys. Over time, it has changed radically!

In today's basketball uniforms, we find the most advanced fabric technology available. Fully synthetic knit fabrics that were designed from the start to produce a superior look and feel. Plus, they look really cool when dunking at altitude. Fabrics like Lycra and Dazzle are the standard for today's sports uniforms. They help to better regulate body temperature by keeping sweat away from the skin or isolating it from environmental differences. Blends that contain several different fibers are also popular. Nylon, polyester and even cotton are still often used in the clothes your favorite sports stars are currently wearing. Each fabric has its own unique benefits and applications, and designers need to make great products.

The loose fitting and flexible fabrics that make up today's uniforms allow for freedom of movement. Basketball players are constantly on the move on the court. They must be able to position their arms and legs in whatever way is needed at the time. Not only for offense and defense, but also for self-protection. The game of basketball is fast paced with many people colliding on a daily basis. Athletes need to be able to control and maintain all aspects of their performance, and uniforms are a variable. We want them to be at their best, so they should be wearing their best.

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