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Sublimated ice hoceky jersey and socks

Jul. 18, 2020

1, Received an enquiry from Customer:

From:  Keith Lindros
Date: 2019-06-12 02:39
To:  william
Subject: New Order
I'm sorry my files weren't attached to previous email. Looking for a price quote for approximately 20 ice hockey jerseys with the attached color scheme and logos. Also names and numbers on each Jersey. We would like the Jersey to be similar to the black one, with the iceberg logo also on the shoulders. 

2, Make an artwork according to customer's request:

From:  william@fshsportswear.com
Date: 2019-06-13 11:31
To:  Keith Lindros
Subject: Re: Re: New Order

Please review the first artwork and size chart.

First artwork of black ice hockey jersey.png

Size chart of ice hockey jersey.png

3, Customer didn't reply until 6 days later

From:  Keith Lindros
Date: 2019-06-18 03:14
To:  william
Subject: Re: Re: New Order

Sorry for the late reply! Actually, William i was just looking at the sample again and I'd like to alter two things please. I'd like the iceberg logo on the shoulders facing outward. Also I'd like to see it with a smaller number on the front chest. Upper right hand side. Can you also place the letter A or C on two of the captains jerseys? I will just place the entire order after we agree on the design. Is it difficult to order separate pieces afterwards? Is there a minimum for additional? How do I pay you? I saw that you added me on Facebook as well, if it's easier for you I can speak with you there instead. Thank you, looking forward to completing this order. 

4, Answer customer's questions and Send the updated artwork:

From:  william@fshsportswear.com
Date: 2019-06-18 2:53
To:  Keith Lindros
Subject: Re: Re: New Order

Is it difficult to order separate pieces afterwards?  Is there a minimum for additional? 

You can place fill in orders, no MOQ. But our MOQ for new orders is 10 pieces.
How do I pay you?
Paypal is ok. I will send you an inovice after you confirm the order.

Below is the updated artwork:

Second artwork of black ice hockey jersey.png

5, Customer said he also want to order hockey socks:

From:  Keith Lindros
Date: 2019-06-19 18:15
To:  william
Subject: Re: Re: New Order
Would you guys be able to add socks to that order with the same color scheme? If so how much would they be? Thanks 

6, Send artwork of socks:

From:  william@fshsportswear.com
Date: 2019-06-19 10:59
To:  Keith Lindros
Subject: Re: Re: New Order

Yes, we can do socks, and $12 per pair.
Please review the attached invoice, i had added 20 socks into the invoice.
Below is the artwork of socks:
Artwork of ice hockey socks.png

7, Customer sent the order informations:

From:  Keith Lindros
Date: 2019-06-21 03:26
To:  william
Subject: Re: Re: New Order
This is the full final list. As I said in my last email please disregard the list sent with payment. The socks that we need are all 30 inch. Please let me know if you need anything. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. You said we are looking at two weeks from payment and approval correct? 

Drummond A 1 Goalie 
Damiani 35 Goalie 
Skejeveland 4 XXL 
Levine 81 XXL 
Lindros C 19 XXL 
Polcino 17 XXL 
Sub 66 XXL 
Saar 16 XXL 
Russett 14 XXL 
Sub 33 XXL 
Solano 2 XL 
Steikovski A 23 XL 
Powers 22 XL 
J.Turi 78 XL 
T Turi 25 XL 
Hughes 36 XL 
Sub 47 XL 
Went 53 L 
Giovanniello 9 M 

Sheridan 12 Small 

8, Finished jerseys:

Black ice hockey jersey-1.jpgBlack ice hockey jersey-1.jpgBlack ice hockey jersey-1.jpg

9, Got the feedback from customer after he received the jerseys and socks:

From:  Keith Lindros
Date: 2019-07-09 11:25
To:  william
Subject: Re: Re: New Order
I handed out the bulk of the jerseys tonight, thank you very much William. The order was correct, right on time for the first game and everything looked great. Next time though we will look to move the front numbers and letters into the center a little bit more, they are too far out, kind of in the arm pit. Otherwise very happy with the order. I will order from you soon.

Photo from customer:

Black ice hockey jersey with lace.jpg

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