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Custom sublimated Rodeo Societ polo shirts

Jul. 17, 2020

1, Received an enquiry and asked for artwork and invoice from Customer:

From: Jazmin Hanna

Date: 2019-09-23 12:58

To: william@fshsportswear.com

Subject: RE: Re: Fishing Shirts

Hi William,


This is the style shirt we want. We need the long sleeve polos.


SHIRT 2 AND SHIRT 3 – 50 of EACH, 100 in total.


Sizes are as follows:


10 x small 

10 x medium 

10 x large

10 x xl 

10 x xxl 


Are you able to fast track production and delivery? What is the earliest delivery time to us in Sydney you can achieve?

2, Make an artwork according to customer's request in only 24 hours:

From: william@fshsportswear.com <william@fshsportswear.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 24 September 2019 8:36 PM
To: Jazmin Hanna 
Cc: Andrew Gideon ; Collections Tiesncuffs 
Subject: Re: Re: Fishing Shirts

Please review the artwork and invoice.

Warwick Show & Rodeo Societ polo.jpgWarwick Show & Rodeo Societ polo.jpg

3, Customer approve the artwork and told us the shirts need to be shipped out in 13 days:

发件人: Collections Tiesncuffs
发送时间: 2019-09-25 08:20
收件人: william@fshsportswear.com
抄送: Andrew Gideon; Orders SRLSPORTS.cOM; Jazmin Hanna
主题: Re: Re: Fishing Shirts
Invoice created.
William, please start with production.  We will be needing this to ship out on the 7th of October.
Thank you!

Best regards,

4, Finished shirts:

Rodeo Societ polo shirts-1.jpgRodeo Societ polo shirts-1.jpg

5, Get the feedback from customer and need to order more:

From: Jazmin Hanna

Date: 2019-10-25 10:16

To: william@jiaensports.cn

Subject: RE: Re: Fishing Shirts

Hi William,


Client is looking to reorder the shirts, she’s going to confirm quantities and sizes by tomorrow.


She also wants to order kids shirts in the EXACT same design and styles but can you please send me the size guide for kids shirts in these styles.

This is the order client wants.

40 x Large Bull

20 x XL  Bull 

30 xMedium clown

40 x L Clown

20 x XLclown

20 x kids size 6 Clown 

20 x kids size 6 Bull

20 x Kids Size 8 Bull

Warwick Show & Rodeo Societ polo.jpg

Warwick Show & Rodeo Societ polo.jpg

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